Rappler #Fancam: B.I in Manila

Rappler #Fancam: B.I in Manila

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Rappler #Fancam: B.I in Manila
Third’s time the charm for South Korean rapper-songwriter-producer B.I in the Philippines as he set the K-pop Overpass stage on fire with a whopping 18 songs on June 11, 2023 – we tried to squeeze in as much as we could in this fancam!

Also known as the ‘Fanservice King,’ B.I. gamely took selfies, did a TikTok challenge, and interacted with the audience during his hour-long set.


B.I. Setlist:
– One and Only
– Waterfall
– Michelangelo
– Flame
– Illusion
– Lover
– Got It Like That
– illa illa
– Endless Summer
– Middle With You
– Keep Me Up
– Dare to Love
– Die for Love
– Wave
– Beautiful Life
– Cosmos


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